Sunday, 23 February 2014

Doodle Of The Day: 23/02/2014, Mercedes SLA

It's been an awfully long time since I last did this. Hello everybody; I thought I owed it to RoadworkUK to at least upload something to the site; poor old place has been a bit (completely) overlooked over the last, well, year. I didn't even do one of my legendary* Happy New Year posts. So Happy New Year, anyway.

What have I been playing at? Well, the awesome folk at continue to accept my contributions, so I post there pretty much every other day, covering topics as diverse as crappy old car brochures, crappy old cars I've seen in the street, nice old cars I've seen in the street, and nice old car brochures. And the occasional review when the opportunity presents itself. 

So, the doodle? I may as well do a jump here, so click to know more.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Blowing the dust off...

Good grief, would you look at the dust around here? Disgusting. 

Look, I haven't abandoned this place, I assure you, it's just that I find it really difficult to achieve that perfect work/life balance and, with it, produce quality editorial for my own website while contributing worthwhile stuff for Hooniverse. The fact that I clicked onto RoadworkUK only to be welcomed by "This domain name is parked" is embarrassing, to say the least.

Anyway; the image above is a taster of a raft of stuff I'm about to feed into the big, hungry jaws of Hooniverse, and if they don't want it then it'll more than likely turn up here. RoadworkUK isn't dead, just neglected. I owe it a lot, and still love it. Meanwhile; click over here for my Hooniverse musings.

But please, please keep coming back.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Doodle Of The Day:- 08/03/2013

EDIT: This is an awful, awful drawing. I hate it more now than I did when I wrote the below. Waste of perfectly good biro. Now I know how the bloke who designed the Ssangyoung Rodius must have felt.

This was a twenty minute doodle, and really didn't work out all that well at all. A typical chase-the-line excercise where, as always, I have absolutely no idea what it'll turn into as it develops, the only thing I had in mund from the beginning was the front grille and headlamp treatment. As it happens those are probably the only aspects of the doodle that I'm happy with.

Doodle Of The Day:- 07/03/2013

With me doing far more work over on Hooniverse these days I thought I might make RoadworkUK a little bit more Chris-Centric. A bit more me, me, me. Kind of self-absorbed. I thought I might make a start by uploading my little, silly, disposable sketches as I do them, rather than just throwing them away.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Chris, just what on earth have you been up to?

Yeah, I know. Nothing but tumbleweed blowing across the vast, empty plains of  RoadworkUK for ages now. But I've been busy. Decorating the worldwide HQ of Roadwork, for one thing, necking slugs of nice, warming Adnams Sloe Gin for another. But writing for unfeasibly excellent American website Hooniverse, for the most part.

The feature I've been posting (on a damn near daily basis) for Messrs Odell, Glucker, Emslie et al has been based on car brochures from the, um, weighty collection I've amassed since, er, birth.

Brochures can be comprehensive, brochures can be informative. Brochures, can sometimes, intentionally or not, be hilarious. Whatever the case, it's always fascinating to see how the manufacturers intended their products to be publicised. The rhetoric, the chutzpah, the lies, even.

I'm going to keep on with the series until, well, until they tell me to go away. To keep up with my ramblings de jour; Click here to read my stuff on Hooniverse.

Meanwhile, things will materialise over here on Roadwork from time to time, I promise.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Instrumentalism #03:- Renault 9/11 Electronic

I have been fascinated by this car for pretty much all my life. Or, well, since I was five, anyway. I was walking back home from some kind of mundane shopping exercise or somesuch, and a car being driven by one of her friends drew level and offered us a lift. It was a tedious car, bland beyond any kind of recall in the future, or it would have been had the dashboard not completely hypnotised me.

Please remember, I was 5. That's my excuse.

Nonsense I Won On eBay 04/12/2012

I did try, to go cold turkey on eBay, I really did. But to no avail. I blame Saturday shifts at work, where I arrive early and the internet is just..over...there and there's all that lovely stuff out there for such low, low, prices.

Anyway. This weeks bounty came slithering through the letterbox and plopped right down onto the mat, causing great joy in my soul. It's a 1966 US Ford catalog(ue) and a brochure for the Seat Malaga.

It's been an exciting week, as you can see.