Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

It’s over a year since this strange, indulgent little corner of the internet was established, and time for me to wish everybody the happiest Christmas they can possibly muster.

I can only apologise for the fact that output onto Roadwork has been a little sparse recently:- but on the other hand I had have much to celebrate recently in my home life, and that has taken the lions share of my spare time. I am still stunned by the number of people who read Roadwork, and the fact that the hit-counter still winds around even when there hasn’t been a new feature for days on end. Thanks, guys.

So what the hell’s my excuse for such un-productivity? Well, mainly it’s because I’ve been busy buying a house. Well, we’ve been buying a house; our first house. Nicola, who is often mentioned on here as the force that keeps me sane, has declared that she can bear my company sufficiently well to want to live with me. This means that, at the age of 30, I finally get to step away from the shelter of living with my parents.

It means that the last several weekends have been made up of trips to estate agents and banks and all that fun stuff. That combined with the annual ordeal of Christmas shopping (on a somewhat strict budget this year, satsumas and pieces of coal all round) has given me precious little time for writing, driving, or writing about driving.

I’ll get this sorted out in due course, I promise. RoadworkUK, while probably not the nucleus of something big, is a bloody terrific hobby. Whenever anything even slightly interesting turns up that I can get behind the wheel of, I damn well will. To be honest, driving-wise, in the last month or so our works car park has been full of total non-entities. I came close to being able to issue a report on the Nissan Quashqai (which would have been tremendously exciting), but that was taken away before I could get my hands on it.

On top of all this, I have a new job. In the last month I have been slowly marinating in the juices of the Warranty Administrator role. Once I’ve taken on enough flavour I’ll be able to properly call it my new, official title, but so far I’ve just been picking up the ropes, learning the tricks and trying not to haemorrhage too much cash for the company. With any luck it won’t restrict my access to cars too badly and I’m sure I’ll still find stuff to write about.

For now, though, let me wish everybody who has ever landed on this domain name a very happy Christmas, and again my sincerest thanks for stopping by. Every single time.