Sunday, 3 February 2013

Chris, just what on earth have you been up to?

Yeah, I know. Nothing but tumbleweed blowing across the vast, empty plains of  RoadworkUK for ages now. But I've been busy. Decorating the worldwide HQ of Roadwork, for one thing, necking slugs of nice, warming Adnams Sloe Gin for another. But writing for unfeasibly excellent American website Hooniverse, for the most part.

The feature I've been posting (on a damn near daily basis) for Messrs Odell, Glucker, Emslie et al has been based on car brochures from the, um, weighty collection I've amassed since, er, birth.

Brochures can be comprehensive, brochures can be informative. Brochures, can sometimes, intentionally or not, be hilarious. Whatever the case, it's always fascinating to see how the manufacturers intended their products to be publicised. The rhetoric, the chutzpah, the lies, even.

I'm going to keep on with the series until, well, until they tell me to go away. To keep up with my ramblings de jour; Click here to read my stuff on Hooniverse.

Meanwhile, things will materialise over here on Roadwork from time to time, I promise.