Monday, 28 November 2016

New Volkswagen Arteon Competes on lucrative Car Sketch Market

Volkswagen has revealed its move into the sketch market with its latest creation, the cunningly named Arteon.

The sketch, named Arteon, takes its name from art, the popular word that describes art, and eon. The sketch, which will be produced in ink, graphite and paper. Possibly charcoal. Its shape brings to mind the swooping outline of a car, making the Arteon a direct rival for sketches of other cars that have existed.

Looking at the Arteon in greater detail, the rear wheels have been cut and pasted from the front of the car. The resultant lack of any form of meaningful perspective means that no car could actually exist and look like the Arteon in three dimensions, which may or may not have been intended as a metaphor for the impossible being possible. Whatever, the shading is pretty cool and the artist mostly stayed inside the lines.

The Arteon won't go on sale as such, but can be printed off right now.