About Chris Haining

Chris Haining is the Author, Designer, Photographer and Producer of ROADWORK. 

He has been involved in more facets of the Motor Industry than News Of The World has been involved in lawsuits.

Chris has been drawing cars since he could hold a crayon, and was always on hand at school if his teacher needed to depict an E24 6-Series on the blackboard. He would continue "designing" cars with pen, paper and clipboard throughout his school years until, as a teenager he decided that becoming a Car Designer was his one true calling in life.

He would focus his attention on getting into university. His determination paid off as, despite surprisingly crap exam results he gained a place on Coventry University's prestigious Transport Design degree course solely on the merit of his portfolio of work. He spent four exciting years at Coventry, completing briefs for clients including The Bugatti Trust and Julian Thompson of Jaguars Advanced Design centre. After a work placement at Gibbs Technology he knuckled down for a final year project developing an amphibious car concept to it's full potential.

Throughout his time at Coventry he enjoyed the written, critical aspects of his work as much as the designing and modelling, and his interest in writing continued alongside his quest to earn cold, hard cash after graduation. He first gained a position as a Sales Executive with BMW, where he stayed for two years. He then travelled the world (as economically as possible) for six months, before defecting to a similar sales position with Mercedes-Benz, later becoming the dealership's warranty administrator. Many of the older posts on this site were written from experience driving cars in a sales or warranty capacity.

In 2012 www.hooniverse.com welcomed Chris aboard, and has now published in excess of seven hundred of his articles. Chris's determination has been such that he finally made it into the world of auto journalism full time, and has put the showroom behind him permanently in favour of an online content editor's desk.

It's a great story. If you wish to contact him directly please email chrishainingwrites@gmail.com, or Tweet him at @roadworkuk